Statewide Workgroups

Californians for Life is comprised of eight statewide workgroups, specializing in the following areas, all working together with collaborative synergy to help women, save lives, and end abortion in California.

Cultural Outreach– to include, invite, inform, equip, activate, and organize all citizens of all cultures to defend life in California.

Pregnancy Clinics and Centers– to assist Pregnancy Clinics and Centers throughout California to reach and serve anyone who may be considering abortion or who may be suffering from the pain of abortion.

Pro-Life Medical Workgroup to give support to doctors, nurses, and medical students, promote life-affirming Medical Clinics throughout our state to directly reduce abortion, and encourage the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol, saving lives and helping women.

Schools/Youth/Campus Outreach and Education to assure that every high school and college student in California knows what abortion is and is ENGAGED to end it.

Messaging/Marketing/Media to change hearts and minds on abortion through science, logic, facts, reason, and emotion, in order to activate, empower and motivate people in all areas of society to be influencers in the world around them, building a culture that respects the dignity and sanctity of human life.

Churches– to equip Pastors and mobilize each church community in California, with the Lord’s help, to end abortion in California.

Closing Abortion Facilities– to bring the power of prayerful presence, education, documentation, and research right to the abortion business locations ┬áin our communities, working together to end abortion in California.

Voter Education/Legislation and Initiatives-to  inform, equip and mobilize pro-life voters throughout our state to elect pro-life candidates to public office and pass pro-life legislation.