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Californians for Life News May 21st, 2018
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Great news!  Last Friday the Sacramento Family Planning Associates abortion business was CLOSED for the day- no lives were lost and a mother drove by with a very special “thank you” for everyone. See details below.  Also news was recently announced that there are 27 large US cities that do NOT have an abortion business within 100 miles, many of them CLOSED due to lack of business.  

California Governor candidate John Cox and his wife  Sarah.

TODAY, Monday, is the deadline to make sure you are registered to vote (including if you have moved)! The deadline for requesting a Vote-By-Mail ballot is May 29th.

In just two weeks, on Tuesday, June 5th, we have a serious responsibility to VOTE in the California Primary Election. The single most important vote is for Governor.  Below, we have outlined reasons Californians for Life have endorsed John Cox for Governor.  You can find all of the pro-life candidates at Californians for Life.   If you have questions, please email Wynette, Director of Californians for Life.

Print out the  Californians for Life Voter Recommendations.  Share the information you print out and forward this email with friends and family (and encourage them to do the same).  Support these candidates by promoting them on Social Media, donating to their campaigns, volunteering for their campaign, and sharing this information with everyone you know.
Last week we were praying at Family Planning Associates (FPA) here in Sacramento, 2322 Butano Drive, where surgical abortions are done every Friday.  FPA has 23 abortion businesses in California- please make sure they are all covered with prayer.  FPA is the largest for-profit abortion business in the country.  This past Friday their Sacramento location was CLOSED for the day- no lives were killed, no women were hurt!  Praise be to God!  When we first arrived at the Sidewalk, a woman drove by and rolled down her window, saying,

“Weren’t you people over at that place near Cal-Expo?” (that was the location of Women’s Health Specialists abortion business, which CLOSED permanently last year after killing babies for 42 years).  She continued, “I went there for an abortion. I already had a 16 year old son and you know, that would have been a big gap for me to start all over with a baby at that stage of my life.  But I just wanted to let you know, because you people where there, I changed my mind and my daughter is alive today!  She is three years old now!”   

At that point, the mother rolled down the window on her van and her sweet little girl waved to us!

The mother continued, “I saw you here today and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ so much!  My daughter wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.  Be encouraged!  Keep doing what you are doing!  It does make a difference and I thank you!”

What are the most important things you can do to end abortion in California today?  Go pray at your nearest abortion business- there are 150 in CA, but we have thousands of churches.  If every church prayed at their nearest abortion business, abortion would end in California.    Secondly and also critically important, VOTE FOR LIFE on June 5th!  

LA Times announced: “Republicans’ best ho
pe in the primary is John Cox”.
On Friday, President Trump endorsed John Cox for Governor, saying ““California finally deserves a great Governor, one who understands borders, crime and lowering taxes. John Cox is the man – he’ll be the best Governor you’ve ever had.”  President Trump also announced that he will re-direct Title X funding away from any abortion business, which means $50-60 million dollars will go to help women, rather than to Planned Parenthood, which currently receives about 25% of the Title X funds.  Read all the details here.   These funds could be better used by thenon-killing Federally Qualified Health Centers throughout our state.

When looking at the polling numbers, you can see how important it is for all pro-life voters to unite behind one candidate for Governor, the most pro-life and the most electable candidate, rather than split the vote and risk not having any pro-life candidate for Governor on the November 6th ballot.
Here are the reasons Californians for Life have endorsed John Cox for Governor:
GOVERNOR: John Cox  Businessman, CPA, and Attorney
  1. John Cox is fervently pro-life, including his personal story of his own mother facing difficult circumstances when she was pregnant with John, conditions in which he could have been aborted.  John is active in his Catholic Parish.
  2. John Cox has been a strong and consistent voice for life for many years, including public statements dating back to 2007
  3. Travis Allen, in contrast, as an Assembly member Did-Not-Vote on many important abortion bills including AB 154, which allows non-physicians to perform abortions, and AB 980, which repealed the Health and Safety Regulations for Abortion Clinics.  Both bills promoted abortion and put the health and safety of women at risk.  
  4. Travis Allen directly voted AGAINST life on AB 926, which would authorize the dangerous, exploitative selling of young women’s eggs and the destruction of human lives.  Even pro-abortion extremist Governor Brown vetoed AB 926 the bill Travis Allen supported, saying “Not everything in life is for sale nor should it be.”
  5. For a complete documented summary of Travis Allen’s voting record on abortion, see CaliforniansForLife.  Travis Allen has clearly NOT supported life in the Assembly.  He does NOT deserve the support of pro-life voters.
  6. John Cox is the most electable pro-life candidate for Governor as determined by these important facts:
For Pro-Life Voter Recommendations for
California Congressional Districts, state Senate,
state Assembly, and Judges,
see Californians For Life for everything you need.

Let us work together to end abortion in our state.

I am so very grateful and impressed by all the work that has gone into the beautiful Sacramento Memorial Garden.  Please visit their website, view the videos, go visit the Memorial Garden at I-80 and Greenback, hosted by New Hope Christian Fellowship, remember a child you have lost, attend a memorial service, and donate to the on-going costs of this beautiful memorial.

Upcoming Pro-life News and Events throughout California~   If you have pro-life events you would like to add, please email them to me (wynette) Also, you can see the statewide
Crossroads Pro-Life Walkersbegin their journey across the United States this week.  Please see their website for details about when they will be in your area.  They need host homes, churches to speak at on the weekends, people to pray with them at the abortion businesses along the way, and donations to help pay for food and gas for the RV that travels with them.  They will be speaking at churches in the Sacramento area this weekend!

Survivors 21st Annual ProLife Bootcamp for Teens and College Students
Join the fight for Life at the 21st Annual Survivors Pro-Life Training Camp
10 days of intense training and activism that will prepare you to stand against the worst evil of our day: ABORTION.
WHEN: July 23rd-August 2nd, 2018
WHERE: San Francisco Bay Area
WHO: High school and college-age youth (ages 14 -29 yrs. old)
HOW MUCH: Camp fee is $450, but there are many ways to come at little or no cost to you. Camp fee includes food, lodging, training materials, and transportation once you arrive at camp.  See more details and register for the Survivors Camp at this link.
Register for the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae Conference at this link
Register by June 30th, as rates increase July 1st.