VICTORY! Governor Brown vetoed SB 320!

Pregnant students like Jessica deserve help and assistance,
not more abortion!

Governor Brown VETOED SB 320! 

Yet, pro-abortion Democrats pledge to bring this bill back in January.  

SB 320 would have required all of our UC and CSU campus Student Health Centers to become Abortion Clinics.

See the article on SB 320, written by Fresno State Students for Life President Bernadette Tasy.

SB 320 does not help women like Jessica, who are pregnant as a student on campus and in need of resources. SB 320 only pushes abortion, abortion, and more abortion.  For the 60 million children killed by abortion, please make these ten calls.

SB 320 would have required our UC/CSU Student Health Centers to become Abortion Clinics, forcing them to distribute the Chemical Abortion Pill, ending lives up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and hurting many women for a lifetime.  Here is a video about how the Abortion Pill works.

Here is the video of the Channel 13 news report on SB 320, featuring a young woman who chose life for her baby boy.

Here is the video of the Assembly Health Committee hearing and vote on SB 320.  SB 320 unfortunately passed that committee on a party-line vote with 10 pro-abortion Democrats voting to force our UC and CSU campus student health centers to become abortion clinics and all 4 pro-life Republicans voting against this bill.  The bill passed 10-4.  We are outnumbered, which is why elections are so very important.  We cannot expect a different outcome on abortion votes, unless we change the composition of our state legislature.

Here is the video of the Senate Education Committee hearing and vote.



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