California Pro-Life Voter Information for November 8th

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California Pro-Life Voter Information
General Election on November 8, 2016
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Donald Trump, Republican:
Trump received the endorsement of the NRLC (National Right to Life Committee) PAC, has promised to defund Planned Parenthood and pledged to appoint pro-life U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  His Vice-President candidate Mike Pence is strongly pro-life.
Hillary Clinton, Democrat:
Clinton received endorsements from abortion giant Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America, a political action group that opposes all abortion restrictions and seeks to expand access to abortion in America.  Clinton has repeatedly promised to appoint pro-choice justices to the United State Supreme Court.  Her Vice-President candidate Tim Kaine strongly supports abortion.


United States Senate candidates from California
Kamala Harris:
Democrat, strongly pro-abortion.
Loretta Sanchez:
Democrat, strongly pro-abortion.

Pro-Life Candidates for California Congressional Districts (CD), as provided by Californians for Life. To find out which Congressional District (CD), you live in, click here.

CD 1 Doug LaMalfa
CD 3 Eugene Cleek
CD 4 Tom McClintock
CD 7  Scott Jones
CD 8 Paul Cook
CD 9 Tony Amador
CD 10 Jeff Denham
CD 16 Johnny Tacherra
CD 21 David Valadao
CD 22 Devin Nunes
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 Steve Knight
CD 30 Mark Reed 
CD 31 Paul Chabot
CD 36 Jeff Stone
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 42 Ken Calvert
CD 43 Omar Navarro
CD 45 Mimi Walters
CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 Darrell Issa
CD 50 Duncan Hunter
CD 51 Juan Hidalgo
CD 52 Denise Gitsham


Pro-Life State Senate Candidates for California, as provided by Californians for Life. To find out which State Senate District you live in, click here. 

SD 1  Ted Gaines 
SD 5 Alan Nakanishi
SD 7 Joseph Alexander Rubay
SD 21 Scott Wilk
SD 23 Mike Morrell
SD 25 Michael Antonovich 
SD 27 Steve Fazio
SD 37 John Moorlach 
SD 39 John Renison


Pro-Life California State Assembly Candidates by Assembly District (AD), as provided by Californians for Life. To find out which State Assembly District you live in, click here. 

ADBrian Dahle
AD 3 James Gallagher
AD 4 Charlie Schaupp 
AD 5 Frank Bigelow 
AD 6  Kevin Kiley
AD 8 Nick Bloise 
AD 9 
Tim Gorsulowsky 
AD 11 Dave Miller 
AD 12
 Ken Vogel 
AD 13 Kevin J. Lincoln
AD 20 Luis Wong
AD 23 Jim Patterson
AD 26 Devon Mathis 
AD 31 Clint Olivier 
AD 33 Jay Obernolte 
AD 34 Vince Fong
AD 35 Jordan Cunningham
AD 36 Tom Lackey
AD 38 Dante Acosta
AD 40 Marc Steinorth

AD 41 Casey Higgins
AD 42 Chad Mayes 
AD 45 Jerry Kowal
AD 48 Cory Ellenson
AD 55 Philip Chen

AD 60 Eric Linder
AD 65 Young Kim
AD 67 Melissa Melendez
AD 68 Steven Choi
AD 69 Ofelia Velarde-Garcia 
AD 71 Randy Voepel
AD 73 Bill Brough
AD 74 Matthew Harper 
AD 75 Marie Waldron
AD 76 Rocky Chavez

AD 78 Kevin Melton